Why Noir

The name is inspired by noir movie genre Film noir.

It means “dark” in French and reminds me about Pinot Noir - red wine grape variety.

Why Blade

Not sure but often Film Noir is related to the movie “Blade Runner” and I think it was quite intuitive to combine the genre with the movie name.

What to expect here

In this blog I will post some useful tutorials or “howtos” on topics related to software development, DevOps and system administration.

I will start with some basic thinks about BigData processing and will see how it goes. I will use this blog as a reference for myself about setting and executing things on BigData or whatever it comes.

About me

I have experience (started my professional career in 2006) in software development mostly in PHP and Perl backend solutions for UNIX environment.

Currently I am working on BigData projects, writing in Python and managing Hadoop clusters.

I have also experience in e – commerce solutions development and customization, payment gateways integration, CRM software development, video streaming and so on.

My interests are basically in software technologies like Python, C/C++. Java and Big Data, AI, Neural Networks, Deep Learning.

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